Sunday, October 26, 2014

Being a Mom

Salam y'all.

A thought hit me just now. I am not the world's best mom. If I want to complete a level of my Fruit Ninja, then I would put my purest concentration on the flying fruits rather than on Yusuf. #badmomalert

I guess, from time to time, we moms need a timeout. Right. I have been neglecting my personal time since his birth. It has been a long while since I have an appointment with my favourite spa. I am an L size unlike before where I used to be able to wear an S. My heels lay abandoned to the extend they practically fell apart. Working in an Islamic school means I can't wear as much make up as I want to. I am still active, but since I left camping and facilitating (which means leaving jungle trekking, outdoor and physical activities), I don't think I would be able to run as fast as I used to. #excuseshaha

Haha. These are all facts. I guess it might happen to most modern moms out there. We leave home early in the morning, having to face traffic jams up to one hour everyday, working and dealing with stressful situations at work and once it is lunchtime you ended up sholving everything down your throat. Then you go back home (with traffic!) and once you reach home you will be too tired to cook and your husband will take pity to you and offers to call your BFF, Mr. Domino for a delivery.

I need to change! My lifestyle needs a change! And it is not going to be an easy job. Since we had just entered a new year, I have made a few resolutions. They are :

1. More me time. Which means :
a) A getaway every school holiday : Mid Term 1, Mid Year Break, Mid Term 2 and End of Year Holiday.
b) A spa treatment once every two months.
c) Sleep early so I can wake up early. I am currentlysleeping at 1 only to wake
 up at 6 to prepare for the day.
d) Of course, clichè as it may sound, be a better Muslim.

2. Not to be stressed out and overwhelmed with work.
I am going to teach Form 5 again next year and I think, instead of stressing me and them too much, I want them to actually love English and be able ti use it in their life.

That's all for now. (Yusuf minta kasih sayang. Haha)

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