Saturday, October 25, 2014

A few days left!

We had school on Deepavali so we can have a long, long weekend. We held Majlis Restu Ilmu for Form 5, invited all the parents (since it was public holiday, so no excuse for them being unable to make it) and we prayed Dhuha, Hajat & recite Yaasin together. I brought Yusuf as the kids requested me to bring him (rindu katanya). I gave a speech in front of the parents (the fathers are right in front of me!) and before I know it, they started to cry and my voice started to shake and it went all awkward. Haish. Drama queen sungguh aku ni.

That day was also the last day of our good friend, Popo. Now that 6 has become 4, life is going to be a lot boring. Bleargh. I am not sure whether I want to stay at the school or not -- unless something (or a lot of things) is changed. Well, we are almost family and I hope wherever we ended up, we continue to spread love and sunshine to everyone. Even to the ones who we have issues with. Haha. 

Well, a few days left for SPM and I wish everyone will be in good health and always be under Allah's guide and blessing.


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