Monday, October 20, 2014


Assalamualaikum :)

It's been a while and I have been missing my blog. The old posts have been deleted and yeah, Maal Hijrah is just around the corner and I think it is time to start over. 

My life so far has been hectic. I have mountains of work to be done and completed by the end of school semester. Kids are going to sit for their SPM in a fortnight while the Lower Secondary students are going to sit for their End of Year Examinations next week. I am practically exhausted and in dire need of a spa treatment and perhaps a beach getaway. 

Like seriously.

I deserve it.

Family wise, husband is currently trying his best to complete his Masters and son is turning two this December. My parents are busy as usual. Angah quits his job to return to Oz. Zaid is getting married this coming CNY. Nana graduated with flying colours last week. Adeeb is currently living with my parents AND his friends' house (the joy of studying at your father's workplace) and my youngest sister is crying her heart out in Penang. Haha. And yet she is seriously considering UMS after matriculation. Like what??

School wise, my close friend is leaving us this Wednesday, after successfully excel his interview with UIAM Rector himself. Another left us after Eid and happily gaining experience in a new school. Basically, everything is same old, same old :)

Will get back to you guys later. Ta. 

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