Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pengalaman Bersalin.

Salamun Alayk!

Biasalah, when it comes to December, nothing can tear me off from remembering that almost two years ago, I let strangers poke fingers inside me, see me half naked and practically snip bits of my skin as I pushed Yusuf out from the holy (holey?) Down Under. 

I was not mentally and physically prepared.

Well yeah, I know that people will poke their finger(s) inside your thingy and measure out the lenght of the opening. But I never expect it would feel like that. Well, it doesn't hurt much. The doctors who checked me were very, very gentle (although one has long nails and I can feel them grazing somewhere inside me. But it didn't hurt. Uncomfortable, yes. But not hurt.

The birth story is not that scary. Except the part(s) where my opening shot up from 1 cm to 6 cm within one hour and the nurses thought that it was too late for me to be given any painkiller (jyeah, I gave birth without any painkiller!) and the doctor had to break my water at 7cm before she was called up to attend to another emergency case (that woman was screaming so loud even I stopped having pains listening to her)..45 minutes of supersaiya contractions surrounded by midwives and nurses (and a husband. He was only there so I won't resent him for not being there for the rest of my life. Truthfully, husband presence in a labour room is more of our intrinsic motivation. They can't do much anyway. Except tying your hair up while you looking so much like Kak Limah. Haha!) and I managed to push my beautiful baby out of my thingy. 

Only then I realised one thing : 

I did the worst mistake ever weeks before giving birth - Reading fPengalaman Bersalin di Hospital Serdang. Google, the curse of my life.

Why did I say so?

Ok sit down and hear me out (if you are here by typing Pengalaman Bersalin di Hospital Serdang) because I don't want you guys to read any BS and whiny stories that I came across while reading for my own knowledge.

Here's the thing. Every pregancy is different. Every woman may not experience the same pain and situation. However, it is not fair you developing unnecesaary fears of the unknownby reading other's perhaps exaggerated stories. Why do I say so? Because based from my 3 days being warded at 36th week and the delivery day itself (2 days warded), I can make my own conclusion that : Your Problems Come From Within.

E.g. :

1. Nurse kat hospital garang. Asyik nk marah je. Asyik buat bodoh je. Bila kita mintak tolong panggil dia buat bodoh jek.

This is what I saw from my own eyes.

This lady in front of my bed (while waiting for my opening to go at least 5cm) kept screaning "Nurse, tolong saya nurse!!" every 5 minutes. The first two screams were attended quickly. But when they tried to check her opening, she kept screaming "Sakit! Sakit! Lembutlah sikit!!" at them. I was like, I was the one in pain and you were screaming your ass off ya Rabbi! It was to the extent the nurse said, " Tak payahlah menjerit, awak tak sakit apa-apa lagi. Ni baru mild contraction. Ambil wudhuk, baca Quran". Well, that lady pulled a face, and immediately called her husband and crying summore, begging him to take her to another hospital. Well, actually, kau jerit macam Tarzan pun, mcm tu jugak sakitnya kak. Baik lah kau duduk diam-diam. Or else menonggeng (Like what I did becausethe pain was overwhelming at that point). No one says that delivering babies is an easy job. It will be painful. If you want the nurse to tend to your side 24/7, go elsewhere. Screaming won't change much. Calling nurses every 5 minutes won't do much. Complaining some more won't get you nowhere. The nurses will check on you from time to time and if you experience immense pain you can call them and tell them about it. You don't have to scream. At least 80% of the nurses are working from day to night and yiur screaning is probably not welcomed at all. The lady I was talking about yelled at her husband over the phone, wanting him to come ASAP and she took more than 12 hours at the Labour Room. Dah bersalin pun still complaining about practically everything!

Rules :
a) Do not scream. It is annoying and energy-wasting.
b) Seek forgiveness from everyone.
c) Patience is virtue.
d) Smile. Sakit pun kena senyum! It will send you positive vibes to the rest of your body.
e) Listen to every instructions. Kemut when you are askes to. Push when you were told. Jgn angkat punggung while teran etc. The midwives will guide you. All you need to do is listen.

2. Do not scare yourselves with pregnancy stories. 

Again, POSITIVE MINDSET will lead to POSITIVE EVENT. If you think negatively, bad things might happen. Even if it does happen, nak salahkan siapa? Allah? Every delivery tu anggap tu lah rezeki masing-masing. Ada org Allah bagi mudah je.Ada org Allah susahkan sikit proses tu. The most important thing is, amalan kita. Doa kita lat Penxipta untukeminta mudahkan everything.

During my time, I prayed that everyone tending me will be women. And none of them is my friend or schoolmates. Friends are for Hari Raya gathering, not checking my vajayjay, especially if they are from the oppoaite gender. Erkkk bayangkan kawan sekolah yg ko suka penyek-penyek je dulu tiba-tiba menyambut anak ko. Or worse, the one that you used to have a crush on! Haha! Alhamdulillah. Allah accepted my prayers. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

School Holiday :)

Salam y'all.

It is school holiday and I am sooooooooo have nothing to do. Haha! You know, one moment when you work your rear end off and later you were given 4 weeks to do all you want and wham! You don't know what to do. 


Maybe I will clean the house or something. Tehehe.

Ok bye!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Self Reward

Salam dear readers.

I am feeling a huge relief. I have marked and keyed in my students' marks and the Form 5 kids had sat for their 1119 papers. So I decided to take a break and go for a holiday. I booked a hotel in PD a month ago and applied for a holiday starting from 4th Nov's afternoon to the 6th. 

Big mistake.

Apparently, I am not allowed to go for a holiday. Apparently I am using another person's annual leave allowance. Apparently I used that one particular person's money (and perhaps his car to go to PD). Because apprently I am not supposed to have a break when other people are busy working their asses off.

Geez. Just because I am not like you doesn't mean I have to be like you. Well sir, I didn't suddenly go MIA when I am supposed to be in school, like you. I didn't leave my classes unattended, like you. I did not lie to my superior when I am actually miles away and miss a day at school, like you. I did not do other unethical behaviours which should not be possessed by someone who is called a teacher.

Then you go barking about me not finishing my work because I have one too many. Excuse me sir, I did mine. In fact, I completed everything and I ended up doing your jobs. And the faxt that people know that the fact that you are barking is because you expect me to do your job for you. Na ah. I am not your slave nor I want to help you out of your blunders. You are incompetent and lazy and disorganised therefore please do not drag me into your problems.

And what is it with you and your disgruntments on me taking a few days off? I deserve this getaway. I have been working hard to teach my students and I deserved a few days at my most favourite place in the world. I learn to reward myself by treating me a nice holiday and if that is your problem, then shoo. Go away and be bitter elsewhere. 

Because after all, I got class and you don't.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Idiots 101

Salam y'all.

I have a very hectic Monday. And it won't be that hectic if I am not surrounded by the I's and F's. I have had enough. I cannot tolerate these kind of people. I am not the World's Best Employee nor I want to poke my nose into someone's business. The truth is, I don't give a s* on these jerks. But I would turn into the old bitchy-I-don't-care-if-I-hurt-your-feelings if you make my life miserable. And it has become more miserable by day. My life is totally haunted and surrounded by idiots!

Gosh I sound so whiny and such.

Blergh. I don't care. 

If someone says, "I don't know how to do this! No one is guiding me how". My answer would be, "Well, no one teaches you how to pee, right? Learn, b*!"

If someone didn't do what he/she is supposed to do, I would say, "Whatever. Don't blame anyone if no one actually give a f* about you. Nothing's gonna change whether you are here or not. Leave."


My handphone has been buzzing with Whatsapp messages from people I don't give any s* about. People wouldn't be looking for you, or blame you, or be mad at you if you manage to do one thing right and after all, it is your freaking job! If you want to actually perli someone just because that someone (which is also your superior) was mad of all the blunders that you do, then maybe you need to check yourself in the mirror. People don't simply get mad at someone for nothing. They wouldn't want to waste their time searching every hooks and cranny for your mistakes. They wouldn't complain if you do your work right. 

What is it with these idiots? Why? What did I do? Why the h*do I have to be stuck with them like, forever? Go away. You are going to bring the whole organization down! I hate you I hate you I hate you.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Being a Mom

Salam y'all.

A thought hit me just now. I am not the world's best mom. If I want to complete a level of my Fruit Ninja, then I would put my purest concentration on the flying fruits rather than on Yusuf. #badmomalert

I guess, from time to time, we moms need a timeout. Right. I have been neglecting my personal time since his birth. It has been a long while since I have an appointment with my favourite spa. I am an L size unlike before where I used to be able to wear an S. My heels lay abandoned to the extend they practically fell apart. Working in an Islamic school means I can't wear as much make up as I want to. I am still active, but since I left camping and facilitating (which means leaving jungle trekking, outdoor and physical activities), I don't think I would be able to run as fast as I used to. #excuseshaha

Haha. These are all facts. I guess it might happen to most modern moms out there. We leave home early in the morning, having to face traffic jams up to one hour everyday, working and dealing with stressful situations at work and once it is lunchtime you ended up sholving everything down your throat. Then you go back home (with traffic!) and once you reach home you will be too tired to cook and your husband will take pity to you and offers to call your BFF, Mr. Domino for a delivery.

I need to change! My lifestyle needs a change! And it is not going to be an easy job. Since we had just entered a new year, I have made a few resolutions. They are :

1. More me time. Which means :
a) A getaway every school holiday : Mid Term 1, Mid Year Break, Mid Term 2 and End of Year Holiday.
b) A spa treatment once every two months.
c) Sleep early so I can wake up early. I am currentlysleeping at 1 only to wake
 up at 6 to prepare for the day.
d) Of course, clichè as it may sound, be a better Muslim.

2. Not to be stressed out and overwhelmed with work.
I am going to teach Form 5 again next year and I think, instead of stressing me and them too much, I want them to actually love English and be able ti use it in their life.

That's all for now. (Yusuf minta kasih sayang. Haha)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

A few days left!

We had school on Deepavali so we can have a long, long weekend. We held Majlis Restu Ilmu for Form 5, invited all the parents (since it was public holiday, so no excuse for them being unable to make it) and we prayed Dhuha, Hajat & recite Yaasin together. I brought Yusuf as the kids requested me to bring him (rindu katanya). I gave a speech in front of the parents (the fathers are right in front of me!) and before I know it, they started to cry and my voice started to shake and it went all awkward. Haish. Drama queen sungguh aku ni.

That day was also the last day of our good friend, Popo. Now that 6 has become 4, life is going to be a lot boring. Bleargh. I am not sure whether I want to stay at the school or not -- unless something (or a lot of things) is changed. Well, we are almost family and I hope wherever we ended up, we continue to spread love and sunshine to everyone. Even to the ones who we have issues with. Haha. 

Well, a few days left for SPM and I wish everyone will be in good health and always be under Allah's guide and blessing.


Monday, October 20, 2014


Assalamualaikum :)

It's been a while and I have been missing my blog. The old posts have been deleted and yeah, Maal Hijrah is just around the corner and I think it is time to start over. 

My life so far has been hectic. I have mountains of work to be done and completed by the end of school semester. Kids are going to sit for their SPM in a fortnight while the Lower Secondary students are going to sit for their End of Year Examinations next week. I am practically exhausted and in dire need of a spa treatment and perhaps a beach getaway. 

Like seriously.

I deserve it.

Family wise, husband is currently trying his best to complete his Masters and son is turning two this December. My parents are busy as usual. Angah quits his job to return to Oz. Zaid is getting married this coming CNY. Nana graduated with flying colours last week. Adeeb is currently living with my parents AND his friends' house (the joy of studying at your father's workplace) and my youngest sister is crying her heart out in Penang. Haha. And yet she is seriously considering UMS after matriculation. Like what??

School wise, my close friend is leaving us this Wednesday, after successfully excel his interview with UIAM Rector himself. Another left us after Eid and happily gaining experience in a new school. Basically, everything is same old, same old :)

Will get back to you guys later. Ta.